The T&R Tale

Meet the T
Tanvi Singh
Passionate Petrolhead fueled by creativity, optimism, and dollop of fearlessness. Part-time daydreamer. Gets salty with the slightest delay. A Free-Spirited Boss Woman. Considers slow and soulful music as Bae. Pursues to enrich as many lives as it is humanly possible. Lives her best life with and for her family & friends. Swears to never say never! Is often perceived as fragile – not like a flower, but like a bomb
Meet the R
Rohit Singh
A hotheaded perfectionist who doubles as a speed freak. In a parallel world – is an incredible salesman who could have sold the pen to Jordan Belfort. Highly detail-oriented. An ardent caffeinator. Considers shopping therapeutic. Comprehends happiness as quality time with family and friends. When not working –either binges on food, films or both. An out-and-out admirer of Rock Gods and Rocky Balboa. Low-key dreams of living by the beach, rocking and rolling!

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