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No matter how ordinary or extravagant a car is, it cannot run on full horsepower or look dreamlike without the right care. We have devised a holistic 3-Tier Strategy to maintain both- your car’s performance and its charisma!


When it comes to auto protection, more is always less. No matter how cautious you are with your drives, a little scratch here and rubble hit there is inevitable. If every scratch on your vehicle hits you harder than it should, it is time to layer up! Our below-listed solutions promise unmatched protection and gloss, thus standing true to our second strategy – SHIELD!

Ceramic Coating

If you want to stop your vehicle from aging, ceramic coating is the name! Layering automobiles with an average ceramic coating is as good as nothing. Because your ride deserves the best, we use only the best ceramic coatings in the world.

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic Coating is a clear and liquid nano-ceramic coating that ensures unmatched possibilities for damage prevention. On curing, it will chemically bond to transform in to a rigid, superstructure of nano glass thus indefinitely protecting the surface it is applied on.

Why choose T&R for ceramic coating?

•       GTechniq Accredited Detailers
•       Industry-grade product line-up
•       Sole usage of tested & certified coatings
•       In-house team of skillful coaters
•       Ethical pricing
•       Unmatched quality

Official Partners for Ceramic Coating

•       Koch Chemie, Germany
•       GTECHNIQ, UK

Benefits of Ceramic Coating:

Paint Protection Films

Say hello to shiny and safeguarded hoods and rocker panels with Paint Protection Films! Also known as, PPF, it acts like your car’s second skin to preserve its original texture and finish.

What is PPF?
PPF is a polyurethane film. Once applied, it syncs seamlessly with the surface and guards your car against inevitable paint chip off resulting from small debris hits or other environmental factors. To ensure a precise fit and unsurpassed protection, we wrap your cars with A-grade pre-cut PPFs.
Benefits of PPF:
Stain, Scuff, and Corrosion Resistance
High Gloss Surface
Clear and Invisible Protection

Windshield Protection

Windshield care is an undervalued aspect of automobile maintenance. Giving it the attention it deserves, we offer solutions to treat, strengthen, protect, and elongate the life of a windshield.

What is Windshield Protection?
Windshield Protection is an optically clear film. On thermal application, it flexes and covalently integrates with EVERY CURVE of your car’s windshield thus becoming an uncompromised armor for it.

Benefits of Windshield Protection

Official Partners for Windshield Protection:
Clearplex, Boston: From the Madico dynasty, it is the world’s first and the only Windshield Protection Film awarded with 3 U.S Patents.
C-Bond, Texas: An iconic multi-purpose glass strengthener by NanoShield Plus engineered to impeccably bond and protect the windshield surface.

Auto Sanitization

Most owners do not count regular car decontamination as a part of the car’s safety. DO NOT be that owner. Your car was a potential germ carrier before Coronavirus hit the globe and will be after it leaves. For a germ-free car and worry-free you, we offer:
Essential Car Shield
Just like how food, clothing, and shelter is to humans, this package is your car’s basic necessity for safety. Inclusive of extensive interior cleaning, tap on to this to get rid of both visible mess and invisible contaminants!
Ultimate Car Shield
This package comprises of intense, thorough, and methodological decontamination of EVERY inch of your car’s interior and exterior, paying extra attention to the high touchpoints. This is the best kind of safety a car can get and probably THE ONLY ONE it needs!
Benefits of Auto Sanitization:
Kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, germs, dust mites and any other contaminant.
Unpleasant odor removal.
Spic and Span Interiors and Exteriors.
Minimizes health threats.

As important as auto sanitization is, it is equally important to do it proficiently.

Here’s why we are your best ally for auto sanitization:

Now that you have SHIELDed your car inside and out, time to SMARTEN up and let it speak for itself!


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