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No matter how ordinary or extravagant a car is, it cannot run on full horsepower or look dreamlike without the right care. We have devised a holistic 3-Tier Strategy to maintain both- your car’s performance and its charisma!


We believe that just like humans, automobiles have necessities that need to be met in order to SUSTAIN. With this mindset, we laid the foundation of the first tier of our comprehensive auto strategy. This stratum comprises of all the services that will keep your car hearty inside and out. Remember, the more diligent you are with obliging to these, the higher will be your car’s longevity!

Denting, Painting
& Accidental Repair

Car mishaps cannot be prevented, but the damages from them can surely be undone. With a team of trained professionals, dedicated state-of-the-art paint booth, and advanced practices, we are undoubtedly every car owner’s best bet to revive their cars.
The process of auto restoration begins with closely analyzing the magnitude of your car’s damage.
After thorough inspection follows tactful correction of minor as well as deeper than the deepest dents using A-grade dent pullers and skillful utilization of advanced tools.
No matter how flawlessly the initial procedures are executed, a poorly executed paint job will highlight the problematic areas rather than concealing them. To PRECISELY measure and match your car’s original color and texture, we use a revolutionary digital color innovation called AUTOMATCHIC VISION. Crowned as the most advanced technology from AKZONOBEL, the color readings obtained from this spectrophotometer are synonymous with perfection! With us, you get the right color first time, every time!
To leverage showroom like final finish, we use top of the line abrasives and tools from MIRKA - Finland and 3M - USA.

With an objective to not only restore your car but do so without letting it take a toll on your finances, we provide insurance claim facility.

Mechanical Services

If you own an automobile, mechanical services are inevitable. This is because mechanical services aren’t limited to fixing of dysfunctional parts, but also covers holistic maintenance to upkeep performance and roadworthiness.

What makes us a go-to hub for mechanical services in India is the fact that we weigh repair over replacement, follow transparency in our dealings, and have ethical practice as our trademark.

Believing that what’s on the inside matters, we keep your car’s core in the best shape by catering to:

Auto mechanical services are no child’s play. Don’t get duped by semi-skilled mechanical shops in India, where rate cards overrule quality. Choose us for we’d love your cars as much as you do!

Interior & Exterior Detailing

Auto detailing in a nutshell is reconditioning your car’s interior, exteriors, and everything in between. This multi-step process serves as a catalyst to extend your car’s life and increase resale value.

High quality and professional auto detailing require the right fusion of expertise, experience, and equipment. To lock-in consistent color and luster on your cars ensuring that they always look as good as new, we employ:
In-house team of trained detailers
Gear & polishing compounds from KÄRCHER - Germany & RUPES - Italy, KOCH CHEMIE - Germany, MENZERNA- Germany.

Mint cars losing their gleam is not an unknown occurrence. Before your auto loses the spark, resort to our car exterior detailing service.

Sustaining your car is a journey
& our second strategy SHIELD,
makes it an easy ride!


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