At T&R Autoworks we want to make servicing as simple, and hassle free as possible. Below are some frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist!
Do you provide services at home?
No, we do not provide services at home as of now. Stay connected with us on our social media channels to be the first ones to know and avail!
Do you have an insurance claim facility?
Yes, we offer an insurance claim facility for all minor and major accidental repairs.
Do you have an EMI option available?
Yes, we have an EMI option available.
Why should you get a new car protected?
Because you want to keep your new car just as new! Our coatings shield your cars ensuring their mint condition for the longest time in chorus with enhancing its lifespan! Additionally, coatings and protection make car maintenance a cakewalk! Know more about auto protection solutions here
Is protection necessary only for luxury cars?
No, protection is necessary as long as you have a car. The rationale here is simple. Whether it is a luxurious car or a budget-buy, scratches, scruffs, abrasion are equally inevitable on both. Protecting your car trims down the damage thus locking on both- a stellar present-day look and a good future resale value.
Will detailing & paint protection affect the manufacturer’s warranty?
No, detailing and paint protection will not affect your original manufacturer’s warranty.
How do swirl marks appear? Do they appear even after paint protection?
Improper cleaning and abrasions are the two primary causes of swirl marks appearance. Protecting your car definitely diminishes the presence and formation of marks. But if you do not resort to timely and professional car maintenance, swirl marks will gradually start re-appearing on your car.
What does self-healing or instant healing mean in PPFs?
Self-healing or instant healing is a characteristic of a superior quality paint protection film. The top layer of such PPFs comprises of an elastomeric polymer that allows it to recover from light scuffs instantly and effortlessly.
Is your paint protection scratch less or scratch proof?
No, our paint protection solutions are scratch-resistant. As a matter of fact, there is NO coating out there in the market that is scratch proof or the one that makes your car scratch less. But yes, our coatings are cream of the crop and more resilient to scratches when weighed with others. Lastly, understand that one cannot measure the intensity of scratches. If the scratch is with a blade, even a 9H coating- the hardest one, cannot assure protection.
Do you give a warranty on paint protection solutions?
Yes, we do give a warranty on all our paint protection solutions. The terms and conditions differ with the brand you opt for. If you are looking for something more specific, please contact us.
Do you have a paint booth?
Yes, we have an in-house state of the art paint booth. In our own little imaginary world, we call it our canvas and entitle ourselves as the Auto – Picasso!
Will my car color match perfectly?
Yes, in case of repair or refurbishment, your car color will match perfectly, or should we say it will blend in like a dream! From the house of AkzoNobel, we use a radical digital technology called Automatchic Vision that guarantees a spot-on color and texture match in the first time and every time! Just FYI - AkzoNobel, a pioneering paint and coating global giant!
Why do your service commercials exceed market price?
To put it simply, for us, QUALITY IS EVERYTHING. We believe that vehicles are an expensive asset and demand unparalleled care to endure. This is why we use nothing but top of the line products, Grade A equipment, and internationally accepted techniques for your valued vehicles. Other than that, we are ethical to a T! Crystal clear transparency and dodging as many unnecessary expenses as one possibly can are two strong pillars of T&R’s ethos. So, if you consider the quality and after-sale privileges that we cater to; in the long-run, our services are undeniably cost-effective.
How are you better than the dealership?
Our solutions are bespoke, quality is matchless, product & equipment assortment is premium, and techniques are front-line! And why wouldn’t they be, when we are a team of hardcore autoheads who yearn for nothing but every car owner to have a surreal and safe driving experience. When you choose us, you choose an assurance of loftier quality. Be it pre, during or post service period, we will walk with you through and through. Besides, unlike dealerships, we don’t perform autoworks for the sake of it. We do it whole-heartedly, professionally and nail it to bits because we chase excellence with passion!

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